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My "great white open page" problem

As I begin taking up writing again, for the third time (sighing a little to myself)... I've realized something about the way my head works. When presented with a specific task my mind will race to form a solution. When I'm present with a problem I can't seem to stop coming up with ways to solve it. When I'm given a problem at work more often than not the problem has a very small scope, often the scope of the problem at work is along the lines of accepting information/data in one area, processing/modifying said data and then saving/sending data to another area. Now when presented with a problem that can be defined with such narrow terms it is easy for me to think of quite a few different wasy of solving the problem, then when going through these various options there are often inherit sets of advantages and limitations for each solution and it becomes a simple matter of disscusing the these pros and cons with the interested parties and refining the requirements of the so