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There is NEVER one person working on your code

Alternate Title: Avoid “Black Boxes” and “Works on my Machine” Even when working on a project by yourself it is important to try and create a build script that will “fully” build your project with a single click. But, you may be asking, why would I bother with a build script if there is only one person working on the project? Well the reality is that there is NEVER one person that works on a project. There may only be one person working on a project at a given point in time, but if the project succeeds (a.k.a. it has additional releases in the future) there will be other developers involved. Either a future developer will work on the project on their own, or additional developers will join in. I’m of the opinion that the latter is far more likely if a build script already exists and those other developers will thank you (as would I) that they have some transparency into how the code should be orchestrated for a deployment or in other words avoid the “black box” problem. In a