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Help users help themselves with built-in Microsoft tools

Credit to Scott Hanselman for reminding me of this very helpful tool with his blog post entitled Helpyour users record and report bugs with the Problem Steps Recorder . Below are the same highlights from Mr. Hanselman’s blog with a few of my own notes as to additional features of this tool. When you are technically inclined you tend to get a lot of “support requests” from friends and family. Even at work various colleges may come up with scenarios where they have a problem and would like your assistance with resolving the problem. However, often is the case where the problem is “no-repo” or in normal speak not reproducible, as is often listed next to various items in numerous bug reports. With Windows 7 Microsoft has provided a nice utility that can, hopefully, make it easier for you, the professional geek, to have a user help themselves by being able to provide you with the needed info to reproduce the issue in question. The name of this fabulous tool is the Problem Steps Recorde