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Teaching others to learn yourself

I’ve never liked the expression... "those that can't do, teach". This implies that those that are not capable of completing an action on their own or perhaps are aware of some inherent limitation they have prefer not to risk  making "a go of it" on their own and instead instruct others that are more adventurous. It has been my personal experience that to get really good at anything it's important to exercise the mental muscle to try and impart the knowledge of said skill to a novice. To impart what you have learned to someone unfamiliar with the task but is perhaps eager to learn of even just curious about it. To that end I'm gonna take a stab at producing YouTube videos . While I have no idea what may come of this endeavor, just making the attempt has been both exciting and a self-teaching experience. My initial approach is to keep the videos short, less than 10 minutes. This has the advantage of feeling approachable and seems like I might actually stic